crystal pendant lamp

The Géode crystal chandelier is decorated with crystal beads in a modern geometric casing. This luminaire is made with the utmost attention to detail, with a modern design on the outside and sparkling crystal elements on the inside. The unique geometric casing adds a modern touch, making it the perfect addition to any contemporary interior. The warm glow of the LED light is able to connect to any smart home system, giving the space a cosy and inviting ambience.


Technical details
COLLECTION:Personal Universe
Type:Crystal pendant lamp
Structure:Polished or painted metal structure and cover
Trimmings:Full-cut crystal beads
Pinnings:Galvanized bowden cable 0,4 mm
Suspension: Galvanized bowden cable – 1,5 mm
Light source:22.8W 3000K LED | 31.2W 3000K LED | 38.4W 3000K LED | 55.2W 3000K LED | 70.8W 3000K LED

GÉODE size in cm

  • L 60 x W 10 x H 5 (Géode 60)
  • L 80 x W 10 x H 5 (Géode 80)
  • L 100 x W 10 x H 5 (Géode 100)
  • L 140 x W 10 x H 5 (Géode 140)
  • L 180 x W 10 x H 5 (Géode 180)

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