onyx pendant lamp

Inspired by the volcanic moon of Jupiter, the IO lamp is crafted from onyx and features a hidden LED light source within its sleek sphere shape. The IO lamp is designed to showcase the natural beauty and unique patterns of the onyx stone, creating a warm and inviting glow. At Manooi, we are passionate about creating innovative and inspiring lighting fixtures that push the boundaries of design and technology. The IO lamp is combining the timeless beauty of onyx with the latest LED technology to create a truly unique and breathtaking lighting experience.


Technical details
Type:Onyx pendant lamp
Structure:Polished or painted metal core, Onyx cover
Suspension: Galvanized bowden cable – 0,8 mm
Light source:4W 2700K GY6.35 LED

IO size in cm

  • L 10 x W 10 x H 10
  • L 12 x W 12 x H 12

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